In 2011, SNA finished construction of a 282,000 square foot Terminal C which has, additional security checkpoints, six new gates, a new parking structure, and many modern passenger conveniences. Approximately 475 general aviation aircraft are provided and supported by facilities offering aircraft fueling, maintenance services, hangar space, aircraft sales, flight instruction and charter flights. While public and security safety are our top priorities, we strive to provide passengers with an efficient and attractive airport experience on their journey through John Wayne Airport.

Security procedures

When checking in for your flight, government-issued photo identification is required. Children who are under the age of 18 do not need an ID.

Confirm your reservations for 48-hours in advance and check with your airline for updated flight information and. For some airlines, Skycaps are available curbside to provide check-in services. If you have no checked luggage, you may visit your airline’s website to print your boarding pass.

TSA Security Screening

For all passengers, it is necessary to pass through a security screening checkpoint so that board their aircraft. Security screening checkpoints are situated on the Departure (upper) Levels in Terminals A, B, and C, and all gates are available from any inspection. Only ticketed passengers are admitted through security screening. Security screening and baggage screening checkpoints are controlled by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Prohibited Items

You are allowed one personal item – such as a purse, briefcase, or laptop computer and one carry-on bag through security screening. TSA bans the number of liquids that passengers can pack in their carry-on bags. Liquids must not exceed 3.4 oz. And must fit inside one and quart-sized, clear plastic, ziptop bag. The TSA Program is available at JWA to eligible passengers traveling domestically, flying on participating airlines.

Electrical power outlets are situated at most gates, between the backs of the passenger seating rows. Work stations are also accessible within the Terminal C areas. These services are for free. 'FREE WIFI JWA' is pleased to provide airport passengers the free wireless internet access throughout the lounges and concession areas of the Riley Terminal.