Security Procedures

Passengers go through TSA security procedures. They are asked to remove all belongings and place them in a tray for X-ray screening. Meanwhile, they go a pat-down checking.

Global Entry / U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Global Entry is a program provided by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Global Entry allows its members to cross the border via using the Global Entry Enrollment Kiosks located ar the Arrivals terminal.

CBP agents ask for a passport, Visa, and other state-issued documents, to allow the passenger to cross the border of the United States.

For pre-approved passengers, Global Entry is available at SNA. Visit the website - for getting more information.

Baggage Claim

Passengers wishing to access the free service ought to look for in their computer's "available wireless networks" list. Baggage Claim is situated on the Arrival (lower) Level of Terminals A, B, and C, Baggage Claim areas, and are readily available by elevator, escalator, or stairs. Both, the escalators and stairs are adjacent to the security checkpoints, while the lifts are situated close to the Terminal exit doors.

When passengers have finished the inspection process, they will return their baggage from Baggage Carousel 7. This carousel has been designed to be open to the terminal when used for domestic service or secured when needed for international arrivals.

Airlines in Terminal A typically use Baggage Carousels 1 and 2. The oversized baggage pick-up is situated behind Carousel 2. Airline Baggage Claim offices are located close to Carousel 1. Airlines in Terminal B typically use Baggage Carousels 3 and 4. The oversized baggage pick-up is placed behind Carousel 3. Airline Baggage Claim offices are situated near Carousel 4.

Airlines in Terminal C typically use Baggage Carousels 5 and 6. The oversized baggage pick-up is located behind Carousel 6. Airline Baggage Claim offices are located close to Carousel 5. The Baggage Carousel 7 is designed to be used for both domestic and international arrivals and is located in the International Arrivals space in Terminal C. Skycaps are accessible for assistance with baggage.